Things going on at the grocery store today:

– “HEY POWER PUFF GIRL!” was yelled at me from a random guy driving through the parking lot. That was a first.
– Someone has stenciled “working is cliche” (along with a picture of a man and woman in business attire) all over the sidewalk
– I think the guy waiting behind me in the deli line was attempting to flirt but I was in no mood and then felt rude for not being chatty
– I may have been a bit too smug while bypassing all the long lines at every cashier and checking out at the service desk where there was absolutely no wait at all (do people not know they can do this?)
– Also gave up on finding a gum without artificial sweetners (Big Red is the only one I know of but they changed something in it and now it burns my tongue). Opted for a bag of wintergreen lifesavers instead.

Besides church, that was the only place I went today (plus the chinese restuarant where I bought myself a mini feast to take home). Service this morning was really good though. I’ve hated that I felt like I was just drifting through every weeks teaching so for a change I took notes this morning and it did actually help me to focus. Well, focus more than usual at least (and Stan did a great job speaking on Romans 8 by the way). I’m curious though as to why I always end up having a million things on my mind once I sit down in a pew. And in all honesty, once I’m in church, a lot of thoughts end up being really risque. I find it very ironic.

Oh, and because I’ve been horrible at not putting my camera in my purse before going somewhere the past few days, I have no new pictures post. You may proceed to weep now.

P.S. I really don’t like it when people say “supposably” and “exspecially”.