Yesterday – Learned something new. After talking with some people in the produce section and trying to figure out what a certain item was we finally just asked. Turned out to be Dragon Fruit and the produce man cut one open for us to try. It had almost no flavor but it look pretty cool (pink on the outside, white with lots of black speckles on the inside). Do a google image search if you’re curious (was also told by one of the ladies I chatted with that her grandson had just told her about a dream where he married a girl with pink hair. Sadly, the kid was only 4).

That night was dinner and bible study at Trent and Ali’s and afterwards we decided to watch Ocean’s Eleven on their new projector. Since I knew Sara (who’s already 15! How did that happen?) was home alone while the rest of her family was out of town I drove over to pick her up and watch the movie with us. Once it was over I dropped Ben off at his aparment and took Sarah out for midnight food at Denny’s (yep, I got to play taxi driver for a change). It felt like I was passing on a sacred tradition since that’s what Keith, Jess, and I would always (and sometimes still) do. I crashed at her place and we watched Lizzie McGuire and Boy Meets world until 2:30. I slept on and off on a the futon then had to get up at 7.

Today – For some reason I can no longer function perfectly on four hours of sleep so I’ve been in a weird funk. Little Sammy and Gregory were over when I got home so chances of sleep were slim but I gave it a try around 9 then woke up sometime between 10 and 11 to Jose calling my cell phone. I got up after that and found Lisa had stopped by and she bought us lunch from Panera (Rollins Panera = poor service and skimpy on their portobello panini). Attempted another nap later on after a visit from Gram and Dick but my cell phone rang once again with Jessica asking me where to buy card board tubes to ship things in. Fed Ex? I don’t know. I’ve never bought card board tubes. Finally got an hour nap around 3 but by then time had sort of become meaningless.

This evening I watched The Wedding Date with mom. If your thinking about giving this movie a chance, don’t.

Tomorrow – Need to paint a bit, work on the website, and will be filling out the forms for my passport. Hurrah 🙂

Thursday – No big plans as of yet.

Friday – Have been wanting to go to Cirque du Soliel: La Nouba for aaaages (did anyone else ever watch that reality show with the performers of Varekai?) and will finally get to go friday night with Jose. As long as no freaky looking clowns jump in my face, I think I’ll be good.

And there you have it. A post with words and absolutely no pictures. I feel very accomplished now.