1. new smyrna + awful fried food (first time having deep fried carrots, cauliflower, brocolli, and zucchini) + upset stomach + earl grey at sarah’s in sanford + getting my hair styled by 6 year old ellie + jess and ray driving over tonight = a good day

2. I make a damn good chocolate fudge cake.

3. my brother always looks adorable, but even more so after he’s had a few gin & tonics and lets me put eyeliner on him along with the fauxhawk (that has a funny little cowlick).

(and he’s back on the market ladies!)

4. does ANYONE know of a website that hosts video clips for free?? I have a few to share but no way to host them as of yet :/

5. ellie is the girliest girly-girl little princess i know. she spent half on hour staring at herself in the mirror combing her hair, then she wanted to style my hair. next up: a photoshoot of course. i took a few then we took one of each other (isn’t she just cute as a button?).

hope everyone else’s day was full of fried food and funny hair-do’s 🙂