The other day I was talking to Mom about how I sometimes suddenly realize that all these paintings I’ve made are actually in other peoples houses. I sit in my room and spend hours painting something while I listen to music, or talk to friends, or have a movie on in the background, and I keep the canvas in my room where I sleep. All of that makes each painting become something pretty personal to me, and then people I’ve never met and know nothing about have it. She made a great analogy that really summed up the feeling for me, which is – It’s like sending strangers my panties. There are 100 or so people that essentailly have my panties hanging on their walls. Heh. Kinda odd.

Friday night Jose and I went to see The Island. It was sort of The Matrix meets Minority Reports meets….The Island I suppose. There seemed to be a few loopholes in the story but it was still pretty good overall. I’d say see it in the theater if you’re looking for a fun summer movie, just don’t expect it to be the best thing ever (note: Scarlett looks gorgeous throughout and Ewan and Djimon are some nice eye candy).

After the movie we braved running across 17-92 and Jose treated me to Olive Garden. Major YUM. I also finally learned what exactly it is he works on..or studies..or is at least writing a paper on (maybe I don’t know so much about it after all..). The official name is “carbon nanotubes”, though I thought he had said “car banana tubes” and I liked that name a lot more. We also talked about what all to do on St. John and the #1 priority so far is – snorkel. I also want to explore some of the town and St. Thomas but that might be up to just me, Keith and Justin since Jose seems pretty intent on spending every waking moment in the water.

And I discovered (since I didn’t look too carefully at the flight info keith emailed me) that our plane leaves at 7am. Meaning I’ll have to wake up at 4. Woo. Fun stuff!

Oh, and I was surprised to find one of my paintings hanging in the living room yesterday. Kinda makes me want to keep it now 🙂

P.S. Talked with Joan today and found out her cousin, Sean, is an extra in Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and gets to hang with the likes of Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. Lucky boy…