So…bit of an update.

But first, a rundown on who these people are, because I don’t know who all reads this and I always mention these people but never exactly who they are or how I know them:

Keith: my adopted brother of sorts. Met him at church, grew up with him, and is the source of most of my knowledge on music and movies.
Justin: Keiths partner, a nurse, and all around snazzy guy.
Jose: or Mr. Super Genius as my mom dubbed him. Keiths cousin and probably one of the smartest people I’ll ever meet.
Mark: Keiths dad, an elder at my church, and a second dad.
Dar(lene): Keiths mom, my second mom, and who I go to whenever I need a homeopathic remedy, hence her nickname, Dr. Dar.

Ok, so…

Friday – Keith and Jose took me out to dinner at Mimi’s then we walked around Downtown Disney and Pleasure Island where drunken people stumbled into me while they tried to do the cha-cha slide.

Wore my new heels and got massive blisters on my pinky toes. I should have taken up the offer of a piggy back ride but I decided to limp the rest of the way in an attempt to “break in my shoes”. Bleh. I took pictures of my toes the next day but I won’t make any one suffer through them (unless you really want to – left foot, right foot). Went back to Keith’s parents house for tea and chatting and as usual Keith went to sleep and Jose and I talked until 4. It’s become a bit of a routine whenever the three of us get together. I crashed on the couch of course.

Saturday – Stayed at their house until about noon, did a bit around my house, then went back over to Mark and Dar’s place for dinner with Sena, Roger, Jose, Mark (different one) and Stacy (and Justin showed up for the weekend).

Mom brought over her purse (she’s now known at Publix as “the lady with the cool pocketbook” – made of license plates, hubcaps and bottle caps) and Mark got out his Nikon to take some pictures. He wanted someone to get their face right next to it. I was asked to be the “lucky” subject. The results were a bit…disturbing.

She had mentioned that morning that I could just bring my church clothes over and stay the night again, so I did, and I actually slept in the guest room this time.

Sunday – Dar came in 45 minutes before they left for the early service but sleepiness outweighed my motivation to get in the shower and put on a dress. I slept until 10:30, got dressed, then Keith and I ventured out to find breakfast. First stop was Chucks, which was closed. Next up, Bryans, which was closed. Then a Winter Park Diner, which was closed. Finallly, at 12:30, we found First Watch open. Mark and Dar met us for our breakfast/lunch and I had the best tasting coffee, veggie potato skillet and a lemon poppy seed muffin ever. My tummy was very happy. Keith and I stopped at Park Ave cd’s on the way back to his parents and they gave me 2 free tickets to see a screening of The Fantastic Four on Tuesday!! I love these free movie things I’m getting! The rest of the day we just hung out at the house, watched Justin play War of the Worlds, ordered in chinese food, and…..I stayed in the guest room again. Mark & Dar’s – the new B&B.

Monday – Slept in again, Dar made the BEST baked apple pancake (which probably turned out so good because she was on the phone and ended up putting in twice the amount of sugar that was called for), ran to Circuit City with Keith, came back and found out they had given him the wrong part for his car stereo, went back, got the right part (and used our mind powers to stop an insufferable beeping noise that was in the store), then went home and he worked on his stereo some more. Justin got up around 3, Jose came over and we all talked, and layed around the house for awhile. Got Sonics for dinner and Justin helped me create my own character for War of the Worlds and showed me how to play. I’m a level 4 Warlock named Strelitzia now. Woo! who knows when I’ll ever get the chance to play again though. Mom and Dad came by later and we lit off firworks, said goodbye to Keith and Justic who left to go back to Tampa, then headed on back to our house.

Tuesday – Tried to find someone to go with me to a FREE MOVIE but they were all busy. So yes…I went to it alone. Not all that bad except for a bit of a wait and a creepy man in line. It was packed full and they had to turn people away (I think they give out twice as many tickets as there are seats). Bumped into Jen, a friend in the neighborhood, who brought her two little boys. Sat next to a large hispanic woman who apologized profusely everytime she had to squeeze past me in the aisle. I thought it was funny for some reason. The movie was ok. I wouldn’t say fantastic but it had some pretty funny parts and it’s what I expect of a summer movie. Lots of explosions and cheesy one liners. Fun in the theater but I’d say wait to rent it.

Wednesday – Woke up when Vicki came over to work on some mixed media pieces with mom then had to scramble to get ready to go to Islands of Adventure and Universal with Jose. We got there at 11, left the park at 5:30 and only made in on 6 rides. Most of the day was spent getting lockers before most of the rides (that don’t allow any bags at all), melting in the heat, and waiting in lines. The rides were all great though, I finally got to go on Dudley Do Right! That and Popeye got us pretty soaked but we dried out for the most part once we went on Dueling Dragons. After the park we stayed at Citywalk to see Batman. Yeah, my second time but I like this movie. Plus Jose hadn’t seen anything in the theater for ages so it was a must.

And now I’m home. Made it back at 9:30 and I’m about ready to collapse. I know that was a lot to read, and probably a bit detailed at parts, but I’ve had such a great time and I want to get down as much as a I can.

Thanks to Keith, Justin, Jose, Mark & Dar for the fab time!

Hope everyone’s having a great week!