I’m so tired but I feel like I need to update now or I never will. I’m at Keiths parents house right now and have been for almost the whole weekend. But I’ll start from when Megan picked me up on Thursday.

The plan was to go the the Orlando Museum of Art after she got off work since it’s free for FL residents after 2pm (or so I thought). When we got there at 4:30/5 we were told the gallery was closed and it was only free from 1-4. So now we know.

Since our plans were dashed at that point we drove around a bit, got some gas, checked out showtimes for Batman at the Aloma Cinema & Grill, then got some pizza at The Mellow Mushroom (where our server, Jessica, was one of the friendliest waitresses ever and we chatted about the crazy mural on the wall and the even crazier European fellow who painted it).

After dinner we ran over to my house, checked out showtimes for a different theater, then left for what I will now refer to sa WPV (Winter Park Village) since there was a showing for Batman at 6:50. Now, I expected the movie to be ok, but it was actually even better than I’d hoped and probably better than both Spider-man movies combined. Partly because I could never quite believe Toby Mcguire was supposed to be the hunky super-hero, and partly because Christian Bale filled the role of hunky super-hero all too well. Shallow? Yes. But really, it’s a fun summer movie with lots of explosions, flashy cars, and good guys kicking ass. And Christian Bale.

But anway, I got back around 10, puttered around the house, washed some dishes, then crashed for the night.

Friday mom and I went out shopping and I used some of my birthday money to get some MUCH needed clothing. I do have to say, even though I’m trying to work on patience and staying in a good mood while in trying situations, I went into Megzilla mode for awhile. It all started when the cart I grabbed at TJ Maxx was squeaky and one of the wheels kept sticking, then the place stunk of cheap perfume (meaning it smelled like Raid), there were children wandering the store and yelling down the aisles, and all the clothing racks were placed so that everytime I passed one of them the wheels would slam into the bottom of the racks that were jutting out everywhere and I would stumble into the carts handle. Basically it made me feel like a bumbling giant pushing a broken metal basket in a cramped little box amidst screaming spawns of the devil. I snapped and left mom to shop in hell while I walked over to Ross.

It was much much quieter there and since I found 3 shirts (that were long enough!), 2 pairs of jeans (that made me look like a have a butt!), 2 bras (yay and double yay!), 1 pair of panties (hello kitty with a kitty charm attached!), and a new pair of heels (without too much heel!) for under $90 I was in quite a brighter mood.

And while that wasn’t much to post it’s nearly 2 now so I’m going to leave the rest of the weekends shenanigans until later.

Have a happy 4th!