So, last night Dad took me out for my birthday to go see Batman at the theater. Since it was raining buckets outside he dropped me off to get the tickets while he parked. The first thing I noticed while getting the tickets (at one of the hany dandy machines – so much better than the box office) were the 150-200 people making a line from inside the theater, out the door, and almost around the corner. So I went over and asked some people in line what everyone was waiting for and found out it was a special screening of War of the Worlds!! I had totally forgotten it was opening this week and I had no idea there would be a screening a couple nights in advance. Next thing I knew someone offered me two extra tickets they had (that they somehow got for 50 cents each) so I returned my Batman tickets and we got in to see War of the World for $1! And there also turned out to be a lot of people behind us in line that didn’t make it in since the two screens showing it filled up so fast. Ah, so sad for them.

It was a bit amusing how paranoid the theater was about cell phones/cameras/recording devices. NO ONE could bring in a purse, bag, or cell phone of any kind (meaning Dad had to run out in the rain again to put my purse in the car). Then right before the movie, after some radio stations gave away a few posters, a guy came in and told us that if any cell phones went off or were found then security would escort them out and they’d be taken to one of the police cars waiting outside. I was just about ready for them to pull out rifles and strip search everyone after that. I guess they’re freaked out about pirated copies being passed around like Star Wars III.

Ok, so the movie in one word: INTENSE. Seriously, it starts in the beginning and never lets up. I thought I was going to completely chew off my nails at one point. Really great special effects, Dakota Fanning’s performance was awesome once again (I’d say tied with Haley Joel Osment for best child actor), and I chose to ignore everything the media has been saying about Tom Cruise so I could appreciate his part in the film as well. Overall, I’d say 7.5 (possibly an 8) out of 10. Which is a pretty good rating from me so go see it.

Oh, and instead of a cake I picked out three things from the bakery. A cupcake (FINALLY after craving one for two months), a bon-bon, and a custard filled doughnut. It took me all day (I shared a little too) but I managed to finish every last bit of them. And they were soooo good.

P.S. Watch the trailers for Elizabethtown and King Kong!

P.P.S. I love Cameron Crowe.

P.P.P.S. I just really like putting P.S.’s at the end of entries.