So, June 27th is here. How did I get to be 20 already? For some reason I always thought I was going to die really young. I guess I’ve made it this far. It really felt like time went by SO slowly until the past few years….now I can barely keep track of time. Isn’t it strange when everything older people told would happen really does (except for the whole “Your face is gonna freeze like that!”)?

I have no big plans for my birthday this year but this past weekend has been great. Lots of dresses, suits, flowers, food, idiotic dancing, laughing, and sore feet. I decided to enjoy it and not worry about taking a lot of pictures so I only have a few to post.

Bridesmaids – A whooooole lot of pink.

Jess and Audrey (it was so nice to have another tall girl around!)

Heather and me

Heather and her dad about to walk down the aisle

Justin (who I realized I hadn’t seen in FIVE years!), Jess, and me

the kiethmeister