Just a simple update. For the past week I’ve been sick again. Nothing too bad, just tiredness, achiness, temperature, and pms to boot. Yes indeed, fun for the whole family.

I was supposed to be at Margaritaville right now for Heather’s bachelorette party and a night out with the girls but had to skip it due to the aforementioned maladies. I’m just about over it but since my immune system is wonky it didn’t seem like a fantastic idea to hang out with vast amounts of perfume and smoke and kick it while it’s down.

Oh, I also pretty much burned off a piece of my finger the other day because I got to thinking “100 degree temperature be damned! I need to bake cupcakes”. So while fumbling around the kitchen and trying to see if the batter was cooked I reached my hands toward the pan and hit a 450 degree metal rack instead…so now a chuck of my index finger has blistered and disappeared.

To cheer me up (about missing the party, not part of my finger) I think Jessica and Ashley (who are staying for the weekend) are taking me out for a bit tomorrow for a little early birthday celebration. It should be nice since the wedding is Saturday and I doubt anyone will still be around come Monday. Wow, what a pity party I’m throwing for myself, eh?

Well, enough of that. I ran out very quickly this evening with mom and bought myself a pretty new skirt and top for the wedding (with a lovely flower pin as well) so things can’t be that bad. Also, mom bought me a nifty coat and some more of my favorite boy-cut undies. Yes, I’m such a girl. Shopping can occasionally make things better.