The day started out pretty good, then it got pretty sucky, then it ended up alright again.

Mom and I went out to some bead stores for new supplies this afternoon. On our way to the second store we saw a tiny little stray kitten get hit trying to cross the road. It looked like it’s legs we’re broken and it got run over again and killed. I cried. People need to get their animals fixed so there aren’t so many strays.

Since we were down on OBT we went to my favorite Indian restaurant on Lancaster and I picked up some samosas. I could eat there everyday. Their main business is catering (it’s a tiny little place but they had 7 catering jobs just for today) and I’m tempted to have them cater for my birthday or something. That would definitely make my day.

Next on the list of events was a completely unintelligent man in a truck in the lane next to us who started reversing diagonally and came about 3 inches from backing into us at a stoplight. We honked, he stopped, then he KEPT going so he was only an inch away. Then he gave us a blank idiotic expression and drove off. The next bead store had a really weird vibe. We had to be buzzed in just to get into the store (that tells you about the kind of people in the area of south Orange Blossom Trail) and the man there just gave me the heebie-jeebies. So we went home, and we hugged Ella kitty, and I’m having tea now.

Oh, and dad was acting in a student film at full sail today so we tagged along for a few hours. Some pictures from the set:

And that was my day.