thursday: kim brought lizzie, nathan, and jake over for a bit. it was a colorful event

(had to crop the photo oddly in order to get them in the picture nicely)

friday: met internet buddy megan when she came over to pick up a collage she bought and we had tea and chatted for awhie. turns out she lives only a few blocks away! possibly one of the sweetest people i’ve met online and i’m hoping we get to hang out more sometime. maybe a visit to Infusion and The Orlando Museum of Art (free for FL residents after 2pm on thursdays!) šŸ™‚

saturday: went to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure with katie, kelley, tiana, andrew, his girlfriend erin, and his friend stephen. it was the last weekend for ‘gay day’ (or more like ‘gay week’) so there were a lot of interesting characters and quite a few risque t-shirts. it was a good day to people watch. oh, but it was sticky, humid, and drizzly all day, so probably the worst weather for being outside. the best ride thought was the toon lagoon popeye raft ride where we got completely soaked and cooled off, of course then we were cold the rest of the time. and i’m used to my hair but it’s always funny going out some where with lots of people, and even more amusing when there are lots of tourists. many odd looks, and some nice comments too. we left the park around 3 and ate dinner at the chilis on i-drive then drove back to katie and drews house, took showers (borrowed some pj’s from drew), and watched gone in 60 seconds.

sunday – recovery day. haven’t done much besides making a (super tasty) vegan veggie pot pie. seriously, SO good. and after everyone told me i needed to watch desperate housewives i went online and downloaded the entire season. mom and i are addicted now.