This is just too odd.

I just read about a landslide that happened in Laguna Beach, Ca. yesterday. In April a man from that area commissioned me to do a custom piece for him so I looked back at his address and sure enough, it’s the exact same place where the news is saying this happened. And I’m talking about the EXACT same street. I sent the guy an email to check in but then I found an article with him in it:

“David Hurwitz, a 37-year-old business consultant, said he realized something was odd when he heard the sound of Bluebird Creek gushing.

“That was unusual because it only happens when it rains,” said Hurwitz, who has lived on the same block as Candelaria for six years.

“Then I heard a sound that was very different,” he said. “At first I thought it was the guys starting construction early on the house above me. But then I knew it was something else, because all of a sudden there were firetrucks and police vehicles coming up and down the hill. It was gridlock.”

This is just so strange. I really hope everything is ok but I’m also kind of wondering if his house, and thus my painting, were destroyed or damaged…

The full article: Rain-Filled Winter Blamed for Laguna Beach Landslide

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