(long and overly-detailed entry below. probably not interesting to read, it’s written mostly for my own benefit so i can look back sometime and know what i was up to)

so, the past 3 days have felt like saturday over and over again. it turned out to be an unexpectedly fun and busy weekend.

saturday evening keith drove into orlando and he and dar picked me up around 10 to hang out. first we stopped at fred’s house to pick up his nephew dennis who was here for the dorretts funeral (freds wife who just passed away from breast cancer) and who was staying at dar’s house that night so he could get a ride to his flight back to jamaica in the morning. fred seemed to be doing pretty well at the moment but i know he’s having a really rough time. we gave him hugs and he let us know how much it meant to him when people visit and call. he also told me that, even though i didn’t talk with her much, dorrett always mentioned me because she found me cute. fred is also the one who called me cherry blossom. they were a sweet couple.

mark, jose and dar’s sister nancy were at the house and we spent the next few hours chatting and drinking tea. after everyone went to bed keith, jose, and i talked some more until, like on new years, keith fell alseep on the couch and jose and i talked until around 4. i guess saturday night wasn’t that busy…just a lot of conversation, but i always like that.

i crashed on my usual sofa in the living room and even though i heard everyone eating and talking the morning i skipped service and didn’t get up until 10. i got dressed and keith and i decided to get some breakfast at ‘chucks’, a hole-in-the-wall diner on mills. apparently keith’s been going there since he was 3. it probably had the most character our of any place i’ve been to recently. very…kitschy. the booth seat was practically torn to bits, no springs, and not even attached to the back so that everytime i leaned forard the whole bottom of my booth did too. it looked as if someone had randomly chosen movie posters for the wall from a bargain bin seeing as faded old posters were hanging next to ones for “the art of war” and “charlie and the chocolate factroy”. and if i remember correctly the music was equally as random, switching from oldies to hip hop to rock. it was my kind of place.

at chucks (and really the only pictures from this weekend)

afterwards we went to our old stomping grounds know as stardust. i hadn’t been in ages since i stopped going awhile back, partly because keith moved away and partly because it seemed the whole place began oozing pretension. it was about the same.

we went home so i could shower and pack since we’d decided i’d ride back to tampa with keith, go with him to braden and nicoles pool party, then stay with him and justin for the rest of the weekend…..

ok, this is all getting way too detailed. i’ll try to speed it up.

sunday – went over to tampa, dropped my stuff off at keith and justins place, then around…4:30/5? K and I went over to braden and nicholes new house for the party. lots of his family, food, swimming, and oceans 11 & the incredibles. we didn’t get back until 10 or so and keith and justin played world of warcraft while i read. was nice and relaxing. oh, also finally saw i, robot, which creeped me out (but i liked it it).

monday – justin was called in to work so keith drove me around town at areas they’re looking to buy a house. without a doubt my vote is for seminole heights (preferably the historic district). awesome little houses. we also went to this old house that’d been turned into a used books store. the young-ish guy that owned it freaked.me.out. he looked just like norman bates. ate at pf changs, met mark and dar at the mall where i once again recieved the ‘pretty woman’ treatment in a store. the sales women wouldn’t even acknowledge me when i was waiting to try something on so i just stood there in front of them while they chatted. justin met all of us at crispers for dinner then i went back to orlando with mark and dar.

and that’s the quick version of the past several days. it was fun 🙂