Saturday we went to Maitland for Art Soup where Martha Lent, one of my favorite artists from the Winter Park Art Festival (my favorite piece from her booth there), had some work displayed for sale. I desperately wanted two of her small metal framed pieces.

I also found hand made papers/lamps/cards by Katy DeMent and I just HAD to get two little framable cards for myself

picked this one up for Keith.

I never even knew this art center was here.

After the show we went to Keiths birthday dinner at his parents house. As usual I ended up staying late and crashing at their house. Sunday we woke up late and the five of us (keith, justin, mark, dar, and me) went to Mimi’s for lunch (had the veggie sandwich; lettuce, grilled red peppers, onions, cucumbers, portobellos, and smoked gouda on ciabatta bread. ohmygosh. best.EVER. [yes, even better than that one sandwhich at the Cincinnati Museum]) then walked around millenia mall, and next over to universal citywalk to see Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (does it get any weirder than that movie?).

all in all it was a pretty great weekend.

oh, and natlie portman shaved her. she still looks completely gorgeous.

(more pics)

now time to work.