an eventful day starting at 5am (ouch) because I accidentally set my alarm an hour too early and only realized it AFTER my shower and I was wide awake. jess and I left for heathers wedding shower in west palm beach a bit late but still in plenty of time to make it as scheduled. only thing is, after thirty minutes of driving we found ourselves in sanford and realized….this is north, and west palm is very…south.

of course everything turned out alright in the end and we made it to a very cute hole-in-the-wall tea room where the lingerie shower was held (and as most girls know, these are the very best kinds of wedding showers as everything, including games, conversations, and gifts has a rather naughty edge). i won’t go into details (though those are certainly the best parts) but there was a lot of laughing, a lot of sexy lingerie, and one slightly crazy tea-server who brought be a to-go box when i asked for more iced tea (among many other odd and unexplainable actions). took a few pictures of course.

super narrow alley entrance (looking out towards the street from the garden)

the tea room garden

girls, girls, girls,

my favorite. l to r; katie, jess, heather, and me. I have fondly labeled the photo “gigantor and the wee ones”

after the party our caravan of cars left for nicks house (the soon-to-be-groom) but heather (driving her brand new suv) was rear-ended at the first traffic light. so we all pulled over at the gas station across the street and stood in the parking lot chatting with the frazzeled woman and her elderly parents while we waited for the cops.

enter officer mooney aka officer mcdreamy (yes i swiped the nickname from patrick dempseys equally as attractive character on greys anatomy, my new favorite doctor show). let me tell you now, men should never underestimate the power of a uniform and sunglasses. ever.

a rather embarrassing moment followed when i was standing talking with tiana and jess and a rather nice breeze came along. next thing i knew tiana was gasping, the nearby creepy old man seemed intrigued, and my loose pleated skirt was having a very marilyn monroe moment. i probabaly blushed but i patted myself on the back for at least wearing nice underwear and moved on with life, though the rest of the day i kept a careful eye and steady hand on my peep-show outfit.

a lot more happened today but jess and i just got back from a midnight run to dennys with keith (i finally got some country-fried potatoes!) and i’m dead tired.

hopefully i can update more soon.

(this post brought to you by parentheses and the letter m)