Do you ever have those days when everything seems doubly-real? If that even makes sense…it’s just most days you can do whatever you do and not take in much of anything. Then there’s days like today where everything screams textures and smells and feelings.

Time and travel (not time travel..though that would rock) is a weird thing. After a trip of any sort i always look back and think, “What was I doing last week at this time in _____ ?”. Last Thursday I was at the Cincinnati Art Museum looking at original Monet’s (Rocks At Belle-Ile, Pert-Dormois), Van Gogh’s, Hopper’s, Picasso’s, a Warhol, even a Boticelli (it was a tiny little thing but excited me the most since I’ve liked him since writing about Birth of Venus in one of my humanities classes a few years ago). There was also a great gallery of photographs by Nicholas Nixon.

I really wanted to take pictures of all the art but wasn’t sure if they allowed photography and I didn’t want to ask because if it wasn’t allowed then I would feel too guilty sneaking pictures. So I decided to just enjoy everything without worrying about taking photos and only snuck the camera out once for the Chihuly piece. I fell in love with Chihuly’s glass pieces when there was an exhibit here in Orlando so I just about peed my pants when I walked in the Cincinatti art Museum and saw the blue glass hanging from the ceiling.

one of my other favorites there was “The Silk Merchant, Japan”, by Robert Frederick Blume

and just a few more pics from the week

mom,dad, ella-bean

me, my brother (brett)

carrollton liquor store, probably owned by someone I’m related to

random house