well, the trip is almost over. we plan on leaving around 2am tonight so we should make it to orlando around 18 hours after that.

this past week has gone by fairly quickly but also extemely slow in some ways. it just seems like everyday has been the same day, even if we did something different…i can’t explain it well. i like seeing family but after a few days this turns into such a depressing place to be for me and i’m ready to be back home.

it’s only been seven days but i miss my room and my paint and my house and my yard and the sun. this computer barely works and i miss being able to just get on and check my mail in 2 minutes or have a late night chat with josh or matt when i don’t feel like sleeping.

there’ve been parts of this mini-vacation that have been great though and i plan to write more about eveything once i’m back on wireless internet and can put pictures with the stories. maybe i’ll even pick up a few more on the ride home.

(and what’s up with the weird blank space before all my entries?)