screw compeletely going over to livejournal. I still like it here. consider that experience one of my many freak out/fickle moments.

Ok, so we’re here in carrollton now. so far this trip has been very…comedic. to me at least.

some highlights:

– cat barfing all over me and my pillow 45 mintues into the drive
– mom stepping in dog poo when we stopped to clean the puke up
– it smelling of skunk as we cleaned eveything
– GA people at gas stations and the mall not being used to pink hair which meant they’d look at me once then refuse to ackolwedge my existence (except for the gay man, the woman obsessed with scented lotion, and the little girl who made her dad stop the car so she could roll down the window and let me know she liked me hair)
– extremely friendly people in TN
– realizing every single car we passed was full of old people then almost missing the one car with a young cute guy that smiled because i was staring out the window watching birds.
– junk food. yessss.
– real food made my maw maw. double yessss.
– SNOW. it is snowing here. only flurries, but it’s snow 🙂
– little boxes of cereal
– and Brett (the brother I never get to see) will be here soon!

(The one really dissappointing thing is that my favorite antique store closed on March 31. They’re tearing it down to make a bigger library. My only comfort is that at least it’s for a library.)

more later..