I’ve officially decided that I’m not very fond of going out places by myself. For one thing, there’s no one to state random observations to or make fun of others with, but I’ve also discovered that when I’m out alone there are young fellows that start talking to me that I don’t wan’t to talk to (though I don’t mean any of this to come across in a “I’m so conceited and I think every guy wants to talk to me” sort of way).


Tonight I decided to go to the book store. I’m outside the store and go to open the door and a guy inside (around 25 or so I’d say) grabs the same door to go out. Instead of pushing it open he pulls it toward him and it does nothing. I laugh, he holds the door open for me, and I thank him. The end. Or so I thought.

After browsing the bargain books section for 5 minutes or so, I see him come back in, beeline towards me and say “You look familiar, what’s your name?”.

I thank my lucky stars I’m not quite as naive as I used to be and I realize this is probably just a line (or am I just full of myself to think this is a line? I never know what to think. I hate that). I tell him my name and he says I’m not the girl he thought I was. Then he goes into the mini version of his life story. His name is Nathan, he’s from D.C., he ended up in Orlando then met a girl and was living with her for a year but then they found out they just didn’t like each other after all. He asked what I do, if I go to Full Sail, etc. He also tells me he’s an electrician but has tinkered with wood engraving and painting. Who knows if any of that is true (I mean, he didn’t even know what monochromatic meant). Out of curiosity as to what he’ll say, I ask who he thought I looked like. He said, and I quote: “Some girl I met at a big party. Yeah, it was like this big kegger party in the forrest”.

yeah. claaaassssy. why? why does this guy choose to talk to me? Doesn’t he get the vibe that I don’t want to get to know him. I want a slighty dorky nice guy that smells like cinnamon, not mr. kegger party that reeks of cigarettes. During a slight pause in the conversation I tell him it was nice to meet him but I’m going off to look at some other books. I then proceed to walk off without a second glance and hope he gets the hint.

This, plus the creepy ogling dude I thought was starting to follow me in the parking lot at the theater the other night, has made me realize I just don’t like going out alone anymore. There’s just too many freaky guys around here.

P.S. I am totally into The Shins and Belle and Sebastian right now. I feel so hip for last year.