this is a long and somewhat pointless post….but that’s what i’m in the mood for.

i ended up having a surprisingly great evening yesterday. i had totally forgotton about some plans i made over the weekend to see a sneek preview of Millions with a friend but luckily i got a reminder call about an hour before i had to be in altmonte. at rush hour.

i scarfed down some dinner, made a few green lights, and actually arrived at the theater early and before anyone else. which is what usually happens because, while i love all my friends, i seem to be one of the only fans of consistent promptness. but i had fun rocking out to The Thrills (i’m probably the last person to hear of them but I LOVE “let’s bottle bohemia”) in the car for a few minutes until i decided to get some fresh air and wait outside.

so after waiting about twenty minutes joan finally arrived, and then i realized i had been sitting on the bench next to her co-worker Amanda who I had actually met several weeks ago when we saw Constantine…but I didn’t recognize her. oops.

i won’t go into the deatils of the movie, but it was good. I loved how it was filmed, the music meshed with everything, the accents were awesome, and the little boy was adorable. so go see it.

as soon as the credits started rolling my phone rang (or vibrated since I had actually turned the ring off this time. i’m still embarrassed about the time i got annoyed and started glaring at people because someones phone kept ringing, and ringing, and ringing until i discovered it was coming from my purse.) and it was keith calling. For some reason my phone died after about 30 seconds so i turned it off then back on and it was fine. whats up with that?

he was driving to have dinner with jose at downtown disney and as usual we chatted and laughed hysterically about nothing inparticular and i decided to drive to publix and wander around for no reason. it’s so much better talking on the phone with someone while shopping alone. my tasteful purchases included dots candy and lemon perrier. yes, a winning combo.

we decided to hang out after his late dinner and said goobye. then i passed the time by dancing around my room to jamiroquai and gwen stefani and chatted online with josh.

keith showed up around 1 and we hopped in his car and decided we’d just stop at whatever looked interesting. sad thing though – everything was dead. no cars out, no people out. we even went downtown and it was practically deserted. what’s happened? where is everyone after midnight? they can’t all be at home sleeping or visiting the skanky ihop.

we attempted to make out way to guinevere’s cafe but the one way streets foiled our plans and forced us to our usual dennys diner. ‘ecstasy waitress’ wasn’t there this time but a pregnant woman seated us and told me i looked like her three year old daughters fairy barbie. i smiled but i don’t know if i like the comparison.

we ate and talked and of course there was more laughing. keith has to be one of the most entertaining people to talk to ever. i got to sleep around 3:30 and slept till…9? i don’t know, but i’m still tired for some reason.

it’s thursday again so gregory and sam are over. sam keeps talking about his favorite fast food at chick-fil-a, or as he pronounces it, “chicken slave”.

and now there are things to clean, work to be done, and money to be made so…that’s the end of this.