The art exhibit at Open Window Studio tonight was a bit disappointing. It was small (though crowded), the snacks consisted of corn chips and pretzels, and the mixed media art was made mostly from pre-fabricated materials anyone can pick up at the craft store. I mean, that stuff can be great for a detail here or there in a piece but one-of-a-kind found objects are what I find interesting.

What I’m looking forward to now is the official grand opening at Russel Alexander (the gallery with the great abstracts). Keith and I stopped by there last week (after a fab lunch at little saigon and an hour long tour of the huge asian grocery store) and while talking to the guy there he told us about the opening on april 9th. Grey Goose martinis, dark and a milk chocolate fountains, as well as catering by Micheal’s. I have a feeling it will be a bit better than tonights excursion.

Oh, back to the asian grocery store. They have the freakiest and most fasciniating stuff in there.

Grean Tea Jelly – taste like old perfume and has an oddly disturbing squishy grainy texture.
Chrysanthemum Tea (in a can) – Sweet. Watered down. Taste like flowers. Go figure.
Soy drink with tapioca – Just plain gross. You take a swig of this stale soy milk and when you go to swallow you realize there are tweny little gelatinous egg-like balls in your mouth. eeeww. we dumped it out in the parking lot and it indeed looked as bad as it tasted.

The scariest thing there were the creepy “hell bank notes” or “hell money”. I looked up what the stuff was for when I got home. Check it out here if interested –

Well, better get some sleep. Tomorrow promises to be busy as usual. I have a feeling I’ll be helping watch the boys during the day and won’t be able to work until evening but I should most definitely have one (if not two) new paintings listed tomorrow night.

Later gators šŸ™‚