yeah, so I like when i see pictures in other journals, so despite the fact it makes me look self-obsessive, I’m going to post more photos of the hair process 😉

before (ah! too big a smile but oh well)

the hairdressers – keith & justin wearing marks old “team yearbook” shirts (and as most know keith has been doing my hair since i was about 12 and now has the process down to an art)

after the bleach

ick. one of my least favorite parts – the petroleum around my hairline to keep the pink from getting on my skin

putting on the pink

the result

and cutie-pie ella

(and a special thanks to justin and jose who ran out to sallys hair supplies in the middle of everything to buy me more color…it in fact took almost 4 containers of color instead of the usual two. i have thirsty hair)