friday – after going to the art festival jess came over to stay the weekend. gram and dick came over a bit after that and we had one of the best afternoon/evenings in a long time. for awhile we laid on moms bed just talking about this and that. gram told us about being raised by her grandmother and how her great-grandmother, when she was sixteen, would sneek to the presbyterian church and so her roman catholic family ex-communicated her. there were a lot of other details and side stories we got into and I asked gram to right the entire thing down so we could have it in the family.

soon after gram asked if it was “margarita friday” and informed us she was ready to get the party going. happy hour ensued and actually turned into a happy-three-hours full of moms gin & tonic, black russians, white russians, a cherry cocktail disaster (not the name, just a bad drink), and of course, the margaritas. i think dad escaped to another room while dick fell asleep watching tv and us girls laughed the afternoon away. by then we were famished so we ordered a pizza. gram and dick left a bit after that but we made plans to have this much fun more often. it will definitely be easier once gram moves here from clermont.

speaking of her move, I have yet to see the new house but apparently it’s HUGE. I can’t even imagine spending the load they slapped down for it. i’m looking forward to our sleepovers and pastry making days.

I can’t believe what a cool family I have. they’re honestly some of the most interesting and fun people I know.

saturday – jess and i had gone to bed fairly early and fallen asleep to my new odyssey cd’s – complete deja vu from when we were little. we woke around 7 i think and ray showed up after a bit. it was just a lazy morning until we had to start getting ready for heathers wedding shower. i’ll admit i wasn’t really looking forward to it. I love heather, but I don’t love weddings or wedding related events. they usually involve a large dose drama, hormones, and overly frosted cake. heathers shower however was one of the best i’ve been to. no drama, a bit of hormones, and onely simple icecream cake. on walking into the chapel where it was held a paper was pinned on my back. i had to ask questions as to who i was and it turned out to be almost too easy. I was the ever face-changing and frightening Cher. the grooms mother was sonny so i was seated next to her at lunch. i’d met her several times but i don’t blame her for not remembering. she turned out to be a bundle of fun and we ended up talking quite a bit about my art. on the other side of me was the previously mentioned Mary – the woman from the bathroom stall conversation fiasco. she’s still got the voice and the sweetest demeanor.

after the three hour party we went home, puttered a round a little, then mom, dad, jess, ray, and i piled into a car and went to the art festival again. i went back to martha lents booth to chat with her and swoon over the $5000 art piece i wanted. i settled for the color art print she let me have for $20 instead of $45.

Freedom – 9″x12″ color print by Martha L. Lent

i almost went halfsies with my parents to get chris seemans metal piece. we talked with him and stared at it for at least half an hour and he took it down from $2200 to $1700 in cash. we were SO close. but it’s just too much money right now.

the rest of the day is a but fuzzy. i remember watching donnie darko with ray and jess then falling asleep.

i considered monday as sort of a mini spring break. i woke up and made some baked apple pancake then mom and i ate and drank some tea while watching a fluffy romantic comedy on the lifetime channel. next we watched desperately seeking susan but after a few minutes i went back to my “studio” to get some work done on commissions and some other small projects.

sunday was the usual. church in the morning, but we only stayed for the first service. ray had to get back to tampa to meet with a client and we all went home and said goodbye. afterwards mom and jess went shopping and i spent the entire afternoon burning copies of the odyssey cd’s for jess.

today we have the boys. sam’s outside helping mom garden, which means taking a rake and throwing sand everywhere. gregory is sleeping and looking like the angel he is. i’m still unshowered and in my huge blue puppy dog pjs, though i manged to cook some more tofu nuggets for me and sammy. wow. it’s only 11. it feels like 2.

P.S. pardon any typos, i don’t fell like checking.

P.P.S. I’m having tons o’ fun working on some small mixed media collages. i should have some pictures pretty soon.

P.P.P.S. I use the word “bit” a LOT.