Things seem to be really busy around here lately. I took Ella (8 month old kitty) to get neutered/declawed/vaccinated this weekend and she’s still sleeping most of the day, but the vets did such a great job and she doesn’t even seem to be in any pain. The outside of the house is getting painted this week so it’s getting pressure-washed, taped off, windows covered, etc. Business is still going well and I have a new collector who’s out in Orgeon and in the past week he bought two abstracts, a small pop art piece, and commissioned me to paint a 40″x30″ abstract. I don’t know why but I really love when people have more than once piece by me. When I first started out I honestly didn’t think I would sell as much as I have, especially to other countries. I still can’t believe someone in Italy owns two pieces by me. What?? How did that even happen? And I’ve been trying to keep track of who all has two or more paintings but I’ve lost count now…but that’s a good thing I guess. I think Keith and Justin are still one of my top collectors though šŸ™‚ But I seriously just get blown away thinking about the past year…life happens so fast doesn’t it?

Anyway, I found the next shirt I must get:

And my new favorite website – I actually found it a year or two ago but forgot about it and just rediscovered it through mom. This guy makes pee-your-pants-funny videos so be sure to watch the ones he made for New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Also, a new abstract

Chaos & Serenity – acrylics on 48″x24″ gallery wrapped canvas 1 1/2″ deep