1. I have about a million (or twelve) paintings for sale on ebay right now so feel free to click that giant pimpin banner ^^up there^ ^ and buy them up.

2. Possibly going to tampa and staying the weekend at Keith and Justins apartment with Jose again. Much fun should be had.

3. Working on a giant 24″x48″ canvas that has 3 images of Audrey Hepburn on it (plus another painting that’s a different version of my Garden State “Numb” piece)

4. I got another message on friendster from some prisoner that wants my home address to write to. Heh….those amuse me.

5. According to the commercial on tv right now, if I use John Frieda’s shampoo I will become a brunette goddess.

6. Where do I go to buy John Frieda’s shampoo?

7. I really don’t have a seventh thing to write at the moment but seven is the perfect number so….I guess I can end the list here now. Thought of an actual seventh thing – Happy 24th Anniversary to mom and dad!


Hehe, I just bought this shirt: