Last week a girl was almost abducted in my neighborhood. Some hispanic guy tried to grab her. The next day I watched as a cop car and about 4 undercover cop cars crowded in front of our house as they went across the street to the hispanic guys working on Peters roof (almost everyone is having to get a new roof because of the hurricanes). They talked for awhile and took some pictures for a lineup so the girl could identify who the guy was.

Yesterday morning Karen and Anthonys house, right next to Peters, was robbed by another hispanic guy (trivia fact: the owners are actually the ones who sold us this house. They just moves across the street into a bigger place). He had gotten in by jimmying the window on the bathroom door then just unlocking it with his hand. She even caught the guy as he walked out the door with bags of her stuff and hopped into a van. Luckily a guy near here thought the van looked suspicious and had followed it and gotten the make, model, and license number. Needless to say, four cop cars and a k-9 unit were outside the house for a few hours.

The part that is really creepy is what finally made sense after this happened: Last week, all of a sudden our back porch screen door was broken. We had know idea why, it had worked fine the day before. It was also apparent that the door had been taken apart somehow because the screws weren’t even in it. After we heard about the robbery my parents checked the bathroom door connected to the back porch (right across from my room) and there are marks and cracks on it where someone had tried prying it open…the deadbolt stopped them I guess.

There was some guy, on my porch, trying to get into my house. That freaks me out more than a little.

Aaaaand, I know nothing would happen unless it was supposed to, but how is that not supposed to scare me a bit?

The world is crazy I tell you…

Also, just so I don’t step on anyones toes – I’m not mentioning the guys are hispanic because I’m racist, but because there are so many houses being worked on and the majority of workers are hispanic. They are there everyday and they can see everyone coming and going. They know when people are home and when they aren’t (great, now I’m making them sound like a bunch of Santa Claus’). So anyway, that’s the reason.