A Very Long End-Of-The-Year Post

Yesterday was such good times. We decided to have a “Mom and Megan’s Day of Fun!” (said in the voice of Janice from Friends – you better know this reference) and headed out to Sam Flax to peruse the cool art supplies. On the way there we changed our plans and went to check out the citrus bowl parade, since we’d never been, and made the ten minute journey dowtown.

We parked in Thorton Park then went to the library and picked up some dvds (which we probably should have done afterwards so we didn’t have to lug them around…). By then it was 11 and the parade was about to start. I love the way this next picture turned out (it’s actually my desktop now). The Globe is on the right corner and next to it is where Harold and Maude’s Cafe used to be. Both hold good memories from the whole two times I went there with Keith. H&M’s was seriously the best cafe ever though. At the end of the street is where mom and I stood to watch the parade for the next hour and a half.

There were a lot more people there than I expected. I really liked the clock above us too. I don’t think it worked though. Maybe it’s just there to be pretty.

Since it is the citrus parade there are citrus covered floats that roll by amidst the many many school bands.

One of the oddest sites of the day was this made-to-look-giant man carrying puppet strings attached to a much smaller guy and leading him around. You probably had to be there to appreciate it.

Next up, characters from Medieval Times! Total Garden State reminiscing followed and much drooling over nice looking guys in medieval costumes on horses. (could it get any better? 😉

The ugliest costume: puke yellow velour with even pukier green flags.

Most disturbing image (besides the clowns): an old man waving the arm of a creepy life size little girl doll

Old men having the most fun: the guys who had piled into a doorless car and the driver who laughed meniacally while seeming to threaten everyone by revving the engine and speeding forward as the rest of the a went 5mph.

Our beloved Orange county Library had the best float of all. We cheered them on since they bring books to our doorstep.

Me and Mom (though no one ever thinks she my mom. People usually assume we’re a lesbian couple or sisters. Once they discover the mother-daughter thing Gilmore Girls references usually follow)

The Paddy Wagon! (Jess should appreciate this so I had to take the picture)

A camel being led around my a man wearing a Home Depot apron. What camels have to do with Home depot, I don’t know, but I really like the camel.

And my last picture from the parade – Yay for pirates!

And for kicks, a pic of a The Waverly and the front of another building that I adore for some reason. I really wish someone would use it in a movie. I like looking at it. What was nice for taking the picture, but a bit surreal, is that there was absolutely no one around.

Oh, and a bird with funky stripes.

To sum up the rest of the day: we got Vietnamese from Little Saigon, stopped by Sam Flax where I bought more pretty luggage label stickers (the french art deco ones and the matchbox covers), then swung my the Orlando Museum of Art to check out their to jewelry exhibit. Mom made fun of the 13th century necklace that looked like chicken nuggets instead of rocks, we laughed stupidly at the name “Weiner”, and then told me to look at the “china old hat”, which won’t sound funny to anyone else but it was hilaaarious to us at the time. I still need to look up William Harper who had some amazing things there.

Later Alfred came by and we went to see Lemony Snicket. While in the theater I got a voice mail from Matt who picked up his painting while at Jess and Rays place. I called back later and we chatted a few minutes and I’m very happy he likes the painting. For some reason I never think anyone will actually like something once I give it to them. It’s like a weird tick or something.

I fell asleep watching Garden State with the second commentary on and woke up around 9 (soooo late for me) to mom trying to get me to ride bikes with her. I can’t remember if I mentioned it but I got a pretty turquoise bike at grams neighborhood sale. I named her Sally. An old woman used to take her all around Boston…I like that.

So we went on a very nice 7 mile ride on the Cady trail and the rest of today has been spent being depressed over what to do for new years eve (and the fact that this is my last full year as a teenager). I’ve had set party plans every year until now. Katie and Drew invited me to their party, and while I’m sure they’ll have fun, I’m just not feeling it. Renee and David said I could hang out with them the O’Driskels and the Meeks, but….eh.

So I called Keith. Good ol’ dependable Keith 🙂 Sadly his partner Justin has to work tonight but that means he’s driving to Orlando and is going to pick me up later to hang out with his parents, cousin, and who knows who else. And we’re going to be watching Garden State 😀 So I’m in a good mood now and I think I’ll try to paint a bit before the festivities begin.

So Happy New Year once again. Hope everyone rings it in with good friends having good times 🙂