things aren’t going particularly well. my face is still enormous, the pain isn’t fun at all, and it’s taking an hour for the pill to kick in after i take it. on top of that, then it’s only lasting for about that long too, instead of 4-5 hours. i’ve started adding advil though and soon i’ll be getting lots of new drugs with codeine in them.

i feel bad for mom. i know it stresses her out whenever jess and i don’t feel good. and yesterday got pretty bad and i couldn’t stop crying, which is extremely unusual for me. pms added on top of this whole thing doesn’t help at all i have to say.

dad was sweet and slept in a chair in the living room with me tonight. i felt bad for him though and sent him to bed at about 4. hopfully mom is getting some sleep tonight too.

good news is i sold the audrey and greta paintings and i’m looking forward to painting more soon. if anyone has a request for a picture, even if you just want to see the results, not buy it, let me know – i love getting new ideas 🙂

man, i keep dreaming about pizza hut cheese pizza, indian food, and…corn. odd.

and now the percocet has just kicked in so i’m gonna get off here and enjoy the effects for awhile…thanks to everyone for continued prayers and the good distraction your journals provide 😉