well, i just took a percocet about an hour ago and i finally feel like i’m not about to die. i know it sound like i’m exagerating but it was pretty bad up until just a bit ago.

thank you all so much for praying for me – i could really tell they helped me. i was pretty nervous before hand, but not nearly as anxious about it all as i normally would have been. the Lord really used you all to give me a sense of peace while i was at the doctors.

please continue to pray for me though. i’m still having a hard time of it. especially because of one incident that really bothered me and keeps coming to memory.

but i really shouldn’t be up like this right now. i just wanted to thank everyone while i had a little energy.

ok, well i’ll give a more thorough update later when i’m feeling good and i’m not having to go back and fix all my words cause i’m switching up every other letter (seriously, if i hadn’t spell checked this a little you’d have no idea what i was trying to write. don’t you love narcotics?) 🙂

Thanks again everyone, God bless!

p.s. for anyone that get’s bright house on their tv, dads commercial is on channel 10 at 7:30