listening to: radiohead – sit down. stand up.

watching: johnny english

reading: charlie and the chocolate factory

surfing: risen magazine

life lately

– two mornings this week i’ve woken up to find packages from the library sitting on my very own counter. i liken the feeling this gives me to waking up on christmas and discovering gifts under the tree just for me. it is very very nice.

– friday mom, dad, and i were able to visit jess in tamp for the day. i managed to eat lots of junk and make myself sick on a butter pecan milkshake from maggie moo’s

– today i babysat sam for about 4 hours (3 of which he slept through) and made $20 (i said it was too much but she wouldn’t listen…though i didn’t argue the point that much….but hey, a girl needs some cash!) then katie, drew and i sat around their place for an hour trying to decide what to do. we eventually piled into his truck, went to fazolis, walked around waterford lakes, got a free super-sugary drink from barnies (i love cappy hour) which led to my insides getting very angry at me, spent an hour looking for a movie in blockbuster, then watched a little bit of funniness know as “johnny english”

– one of my goals this year is to eat here. i just have to find someone to go with since i have this thing about eating out alone (it’s awkward and there’s no one to make fun of people with). i haven’t tried much indian food before and i’m very much looking forward to it.

– i’ve finally updated meg everyday! (january and december)