ok everyone, pleeeeease do me a reeeaallly big favor and go here and sign my moms guestbook. it’ll make her really happy, and it’ll make me really happy, and you like making people happy right? right??!

and in other news – woo! i’m FAMOUS!!! check it out!

yep, thats the back of my head there…i’m very proud..keith called me a bit ago to let me know i was on the florida film festival site. last year we went to the enzian and they snapped this picture of me back when my hair was longer and i was a red head *sniff sniff* i miss my red hair..but i put a pic of it up for now to help ease the pain:)

this past week has been kinda hectic for me. one of the reasons for the craziness was that 8-10 page paper i had to write on an artist, a few of his pieces, and how people interpret it.

now, i knew about this paper from day one. the teacher even mentioned it to us every other class to kind of remind us about it. but what do i do? i wait till the last freakin day to write it. so all day yesterday and till 1pm today i was pounding the keyboard and double spacing like a maniac. i actually got it up to 2259 words and 7 and 1/4 pages so i considered it close enough. i don’t think i’ve ever written than much about any one thing in my entire life…and i get to do it all over again in a few weeks…yay

while researching this paper yesterday, i thinki stumbled on a bad site that put a nasty something on my computer so every ten minutes a porn ad pops up on my screen. really really bad porn, and i can’t get rid of it. i tried deleting cookies, running a spyware program….i’m thinking i need to get click garden now though so i don’t have to see some bleach blondes fake boobies every few minutes.

so anyways, i know there was something else i was going to write but i can’t remember now…

oh i know! and its kind of ironic if you think about it, but i think i have a brain tumor. for about the past week, i’ve been having SO much trouble with words. on the computer i’ll type a different word than what i was thinking, and when writing in class, i start mixing the letters up in the words so its all jumbled looking…..i don’t know whats up with that but its kinda freakin me out..