woohoo! new hair color! and i got my hair to do a flippy thing in the back:)

ok, i woke up and was disgusted with the appearance of my hair color from last night so we went to renees (our lovely hair stylist friend) and she said we could just dye over it. so we went to Sallys, bought Dark Brown (neutral base, level 4) by Preference, went back to renee, and she died my hair.

it looks so much better now. it’s still got red to it but it’s a lot darker than before. so, i’m happy:)

so tonight is the big hoopla here at ma maison and it should be fun. lots of people will be here, lots of food will be eaten, and hopefully lots of alcohol will be snuck by me 😉

well, must go and see whats to be done for the big shindig, happy new year everyone!!