listening to: the stairs squeak

watching: the screen in front of me

reading: romantic christian fluff aka The Protector by Dee Henderson…still

surfing: Urban Gypsy and Amazon

started the day by going out to breakfast withh maw maw and jess. we ate, of course, at Welch’s Restaurant then went over to the completely awesome anitque mall. we called mom ray and dad and they met us there to shop also. mom dad and maw maw left after a little bit and jess lost interest and walked to the library next door while ray and i scoured the store for probably about 2 hours. and ray only looked at half the store, so we’re going back tomorrow, yes! i got several cool things though (i’ll try to scan pics of them in when i get home)

1. Grimms Fairy Tales book from 1948 (great condition with cool illustrations!) – $5

2. Original E.T. Theme Song record – no scatches – $1

3. 2 Marvel Comic books, 1 of them listing characters and their description, the other listing their weapons, hardware, and paraphenalia – $1 each

4. 2 differents kinds of shot glasses – $2 and $3

so megs a happy camper now and i’m gonna probably buy the 3 other comic books i put on hold there while i looked them up for their value this afternoon. one is Batman Issue no. 233 from 1971 – $10. it’s listed the same price online as the store has it and it looked cool and i figure it can only increase in value. the second is called “Unusual Tales” from 1958 and seems to be pretty rare – $2. the third is “Baloo and Little Britches (mowgli)” Issue #1 from ’68. (and yes, i read it “little bitches”..shame on me) – $5

when we got back from the store i looked for those comics and found(surprisingly) little information on them. then we headed over to Florence, Ky, about an hour and a half away, for bretts (my bro) wedding rehearsal. it was mostly just sitting around and then eating and i didn’t get to seemuch of him sadly. his fiance robin is soooo noce though. she’s really pretty too, think gwyneth paltrow- but prettier! and she gave us a huge tower of chocolates consisting of about 7 different boxes. can you say “brownie points!”? 🙂

well, we’re back now and i should probably get off so my grandmother can go to bed. see ya later gators!