listening to: Incubus – Take Me to Your Leader

watching: nothing

reading: my e-mail

surfing: Brownie Frappuccinos…YUM!

ahh!! megan must have been abducted by aliens and replaced by a crazy maniac!!…wait..would anyone notice it wasn’t me?….ohhh, anyways….i’ve turned into a bad bad girl…i’m actually skipping class! it’s not that big a deal for most but i haven’t missed 1 class this semester and i just don’t feel like going today. now i can pack for our trip and not feel rushed. we’re heading out to KY today for by bros wedding and to spend thanksgiving with family up there. i have cds to burn, and pencils, paper, books, videos, and other things to take up time, to pack. i might even squeeze our little tv/vcr into the trunk…

by the way, i finally have my art on the web…crappy pics but the best i could do.

well, off to preperations! and don’t forget…..pop rocks rule!!