yeah, so i’m on a blogging spree, isn’t it fun?

i was just reading this blog i haven’t been to in a while. i feel kinda bad for this guy. i think he’s 13 or 14 maybe, but he’ll write like he knows what he’s talking about, very thought out and stylish…usually at least. but then his frinds come along to comment and they’ll write something like, “oh my gosh. like your so right! lol!”. it just kinda ruins it to me… i don’t know. example-

he wrote:

“this morning i was walking downstairs to play with my cat and i slipped and fell down the stairs, hurting my arm. i was rushed to the hospital, and eventually fell in love with a blind girl from scandinavia. we played cards. the cards had braile bumps on them. she always beat me.

then when they told me that my arm was fine and i could go home, i pleaded to stay longer. i did not want to leave my blind friend. i loved her. but, alas, i left. never to see her again. i am crying now because i miss her. her eyes were the most beautiful light green, almost white. staring blankly ahead; pure and unaffected by the harmful sights of the world.

this never happened.”

and the comment a friend left him?

“aw i got all excited that u fell down the damn”…….it is slightly funny though.