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I guess I should mention that I don’t write here anymore. It was time for a change.

Vintage Postcard Heaven

One of my favorite things about staying in Kentucky (besides seeing family, of course) is taking a trip to some of my favorite antique stores here. I only get to visit them every two or three years, and I look forward to going more than I can say. I’m a sucker for vintage pretty things.

One day I think it would be such a fantastic vacation to rent a uhaul and plan a trip visiting antique stores all across the country. Even better, going in the summer for the worlds largest yard sale along 127. Seriously. It would be a dream come true.

One of the things I look for at these shops are vintage postcards. I use to pick up just any old things that caught my eye, but I’m becoming more selective and figuring out exactly which ones to look for.

Some of my favorites are these old richly colored floral cards trimmed with iridescent gold (most are postmarked 1910/1911).


I found quite a few of these for just $1 each. I save some for myself and then use others as greeting cards for special people in my life. They’re cheaper than buying new cards and they have so much character.


I love everything about birthday card with swans and flowers. Color, subject, composition, everything.


I was drooling over this Christmas postcard. It reminds me of the intro to old movies (and The Family Stone).


I’ve also have a thing for ships and nautical items, which seems to be all the rage now, and fell in love with these instantly.


And I always look for illustrated city scenes of Orlando from the 30’s-50’s. These are of an aerial view of downtown, a fountain at Lake Eola, and the old Orlando Air Base.

I’ve found several other really awesome things, like a vintage print of the ocean with pink puffy clouds and a tiny airplane, a clock set in a sailing ship, and many many books, but I’ll have to post pictures of them another time.

I’m so ready for next weekend to go back and find more treasures 🙂

Still here, still busy

It’s been a tiring week with a teething baby, but I’ve survived and I have So. Many. Photos.

Until I have time for a more detailed blog, here’s just a little recap of some of the things I’ve been up to:


Windy walks with bundled-up Oliver


Buying delicious produce from local farms at the farmers market


Stumbling onto an unknown Whole Foods on a day-trip to Lexington. I was so jazzed! I was able to get my much-missed organic sunflower butter, bulk quinoa, chia kombucha, pumpkin seeds, and a chocolate goji energy snack. In KENTUCKY. My day was made.


Drinking tea at Danville’s adorable coffee shop, The Hub, with mom, Oliver, and my cousin Patricia (who I found out has made her own hair gel out of flax seed and attempted her own bubble tea!)


Visiting the art festival in Constitution Square. This was probably the coolest guy there.


Taking a few fast photos in downtown Carrollton, where just about everything is owned by a Welch


Seeing my grandmother and having Oliver meet her for the very first time

IMG_6431 copy

Celebrating my niece Audrey’s 2nd birthday. She’s too cute for words.

Any there you have it. Now I’m off to try and get a few winks before the beast awakes.

Cooking up a storm

I have been preparing lunch and dinner almost daily for everyone in the house, and Wednesday evening I decided to experiment with some new recipes using our produce market finds. Since I was in charge of what everyone got to eat, I decided to cook a vegan dinner and expose my very meat-and-microwaved-vegetables eating grandmother and step-grandfather to a different type of meal.

Here are the main characters for the night:

Okra (never had it before!), butternut squash, candy onions, baby red potatoes

I was SUPER jazzed about these onions. I love when they get all caramelized and sweet from roasting.

I found out okra is evil to work with. The outside is covered in cactus-like prickly things and there is an odd sliminess when they are cut. Oven roasting is the best way to get rid of the slime.

Cooking with a tasty glass of wine is always a plus

Oliver supervised 🙂

Roasting the potatoes and candy onions. Yummmmmmm.

Roasted butternut squash with garlic, fresh sage, and pine nuts. OH MY! The best squash I’ve ever had.

The seeds of the okra popped out in your mouth like little pearls of veg-friendly caviar. Fun textures going on.

I almost forgot to take a picture of everything on my plate. There was only a little left at this point. A+ dinner.

Wonderful Glorious Vegetables

For three straight days now it has been cold, gray, and rainy. I love it.


It’s perfect weather for chatting around cups of coffee, short stroller walks with Oliver between the heavy rains, and cooking – lots and lots of cooking!

Yesterday we went out into the blustery afternoon to visit the Danville Farmer’s Market. I was in produce heaven. There were only three booths braving the gusty winds, but I was still thrilled to have the opportunity to purchase some produce that had been grown locally.


Our first stop was at Joyce’s produce booth. After a few minutes she had to tell us how excited it made her to see us so excited about the vegetables. (I was literally hopping around the table ooh-ing and ahh-ing over every basket.)

I really wish I had an SLR that shot HD video because I would have loved to film her talking about farming and selling in the market. One day, one day….


That beautiful butternut squash in the middle became part of our dinner


I was freaking out over these cute baby candy onions. Ten of them went into my bag.


Honey Crisp apples! I wait all year for these to be in season. The. Best.


I have yet to try the cucumber we bought, but I’m sure it’s great.


Sitting right there on the table is the best jam I have ever had. If you’re ever in Danville Kentucky or near Knobview Farm in Periville, get yourself some of the razzleberry jam and a piece of toast and enjoy.


Monaria had the second/middle booth at the market and sold homemade breads. Since I eat gluten-free, I didn’t get any, but they looked oh-so-soft and delicious.


The third and last produce booth was run by Jody and her dog, Molly.


Molly was a little shy at first but warmed up after a few minutes.


I loved how Jody displayed her produce. It all looked so neat and pretty.

She was offering most of the same produce that I had already bought at Joyce’s first booth, but I did find some lovely baby red potatoes and bought a basket for $2.

I went home a very very happy camper and proceeded to make a vegan dinner for everyone…but that will be in my next post 🙂

I bet you’ll google Archaeopteryx

I’ve made it to Kentucky! This is my first trip out of Florida in over three years, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s been so nice being with family, having a change of scenery, and I am loving the cool stormy weather (in the 50’s and constant rain).

I love waking up to a house full of people, spending the day cooking, shopping, and just being together. The morning started out with Oliver, myself, my parents, my grandmother and my step-grandfather, then in the evening my brother Brett, sister-in-law Meghan, and their two (totally adorable) kids Duncan and Audrey stopped by, followed by my uncle Kenny and his son Gavin! I tried to get as many pictures as I could.

Oliver meeting my brother for the first time 🙂

Duncan and his killer smile

Audrey (Those eyes! That hair! She’s like a glamorous baby doll)


Brett and Meghan (Funny note: We are both Megan/Meghan Welch and only 6 months apart in age)

Meghan’s totally fantastic Archaeopteryx tattoo (she’s a geologist)

We feasted on guacamole, bean dip, and chili.

Kenny stopped by and we had dueling photo-taking going on for awhile

Gavin and Duncan are the same age and did what boys do best – run, laugh, and make a lot of noise

Gram and Dick (this was right after one of Gram’s great one-liners…I’ll have to start writing them down to remember. Tonight’s dinner table chuckle came after she told me “You know, your Mom has always liked putting things in her mouth”…..)

I already have so many more pictures taken and lots to write about, but I just have to get to bed now before I fall over.

Next post: Pictures from the farmer’s market and my gluten-free vegan dinner for hard-core meat eaters! (who had to eat meatloaf on the side, but whatever, they loved my vegetables 🙂

Getting back to being me

For the past five years while I was with Matthew, I slowly lost bits and pieces of myself every day. My circumstances caused me to become someone I didn’t really recognize. Now that I’m making a fresh start, I am getting back to being ME.

Over the past month or so, I’ve started piecing together the me that I remember, and that includes the fun of buying myself some pretty happy items that just scream “Megan!”.


My new wallet. I have been wanting a tri-fold wallet to hold everything for quite awhile, and lately I’ve been incredibly drawn to deep mustard yellow, so this was a perfect find. It seriously makes me smile every time I pull it out of my purse.


And speaking of purses, here is my new bag! It’s faux leather, has lots of pockets and buckles, and is perfect to sling over my shoulder while carrying Oliver 🙂


Brand-spanking new shoes that I just found yesterday. I have been on the hunt for a pair of simple black flats for years. It’s a challenge because my feet are a narrow size 10, but these fit like a glove…for my feet.


A fedora! With feathers! It had to be mine.


Oliver loves it as well.

And her are photos of Oliver coming to “investigate” (aka hold onto my legs while standing) while I was taking pictures of my pretty things. They’re a bit excessive, but I’m a mom now. It’s what I do.










News and poster designs :)

1. A totally new print design I made last week. I think it’s time smart boys start getting some recognition.

Smart Boys

2. I’ll be having my first solo art display for the month of January 2012 at Raphsodic Bakery in downtown Orlando! I plan on showing my current posters, but I should also have a lot of newer designs by then to hang on the walls. I’m looking forward to finally showing my art in “real life” as opposed to just online 🙂

3. I recently finished three more designs and released my second set of five Rock Star Scientist Posters. It’s very exciting for me because it’s something I’ve wanted to do for months but just couldn’t get into the right place mentally to finish until now.

As always, prints of all sizes are available in my shop at

Here are the three new designs for Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, and Michael Faraday.

Sir Isaac Newton 1642

Thomas Edison 1847

Michael Faraday 1791

And here are all TEN of the scientist posters.

Complete Collection of Rock Star Scientist Posters

I’m so happy with how they turned out. It’s amazingly satisfying to know that I actually turned a little idea I had one morning while watching the history channel, into something that I (and so many others!) love so much.

The Art of Gift Giving…and HARRY POTTER!

Several weeks ago, Dawn Schreiner (a local artist here in Orlando that I’ve mentioned a few times) posted a new painting online that fell in love with immediately. Can you guess why?


Because it’s HARRY FREAKING POTTER! It’s a 8.5 x 5.25 painting in a 12 x 16 frame for $300, and I tried to convince myself I could justify spending the money on art (because it’s definitely worth every penny!). I even went so far as to email her about a payment plan so I could get my hands on this fantastical magical painting, but I soon realized it just wouldn’t be the wisest way for me to spend money right now. Before I could email her that I had changed my mind on the purchase, she sent me a message offering to donate a small print she had leftover from a show to the “positive reinforcement, things are looking up for Megan society”. Yes, for FREE!

I sent her my address and eagerly waited for the print, not even realizing that it would be just half of my surprise. The other half would be the packaging.

Sure, at first it just looked like a manila envelope, but the front had little doodles and there were hand written notes to the postman hidden in the corners




Dear Post Person:
Please handle as if this were a gift for your mother
Thank you –
I bet you were your moms favorite…


Inside the envelope, the package was wrapped in a sheet of comics, glittering fabric, and topped with a bow


Once that was opened, I found a thoughtfully written message inside one of Dawn’s own cards, and my very own Harry Potter print


Aha, he is mine!

Those little personal touches just sent me over the moon. Getting “real mail” is exciting in itself, but this gift had me glowing all day and I’ll be smiling every time I think of it for a long long time. Now that is a good gift.

To learn more about Dawn and her work, check out her:
Facebook Group

Another quick life update

Oliver and I have been living with my parents for over a month already. In the past five weeks I have seen more friends and done more things than I have in probably the past several years. The situation I had been in previously was very isolating and lonely, and seeing so many old and new friends has been like breathing in fresh air after being stuck in a stuffy closet. One that was full of dirty stinky laundry. And everything was covered with creepy crawly bugs. And the light bulb was broken, so I didn’t actually see how bad it was in there, but I felt icky and horrible just the same.

But enough with the analogy, here is some of the refreshing fun I’ve had so far:

– I met up with my friend Heather, who I’ve known from church since I was two but hadn’t seen in months, and our mutual friend Caren, who I hadn’t seen in I don’t know how long…a decade? We all shopped in Marshall’s while toting around a combined seven children, nursed and had a mini-picnic in the toys aisle, and I finally talked with friends for the first time about what had really been going on. I received some much needed comfort, support, and encouragement from both of them. It was a bright ray of sunshine in my gloomy week.

– I met up with my friend Emma Bunny and she treated me to a drink at Starbucks and a Yann Tiersen cd (!!). Her friend (and local artist celebrity) Anna, of Rifle Paper Co, happened to walk in right after me and it was nice to finally meet her, even if it was just a quick hello. I’ve admired her work for quite awhile and instead of conveying my admiration in an articulate manner, I said the most generic thing ever: “I really love your work”. Yawn. Seriously, her work is absolutely beautiful and adorable and I can only dream to be half as successful with creating and selling my own work.

Despite living so close and wanting to visit for months, I finally made it to her shop in Winter Park just last week. I had seen her facebook update with a link to her 2012 Calenders she’s carrying now, fell in love with the 11″x14″ Botanical calender, and decided I had to have one.

The shop is bright, organized, and wonderfully decorated:



Oliver was impressed as well


Here is the calender I chose. For now it is stored in a basket on my shelf with just half of it peaking out, but every time I walk in the room and see the cover it makes me happy 🙂

– I started going back to the chapel I grew up at and I’ve also started going to a friends Friday night Bible study group again. This past Friday Oliver had a ball exploring the room and having so many new people to gaze at. He was particularly fond of Trent and at one point simply sat at his feet and stared as he taught 🙂


– My parents and I took Oliver for his first trip to the beach. He was an instant fan and I took many videos and pictures of him splashing and trying to swim in the waves (which will be its own blog post soon). For now, here is my favorite photo from the day; just me and my boy and his first time feeling the ocean on his feet.


– After the beach we were able to stop by Tampa and have a short visit with my sister and her family. It was so cute to see Oliver hanging out with his Uncle Ray and Cousin Clay


And there you have it. That’s some of what I’ve been up to these past few weeks. Many other things are occupying my time, but I’ll have to get to them later. I also need to write Oliver’s seven month update!

Ahhh, so much I want to do and so little time after feeding my Netflix addiction…